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Otec:  Milan
Matka:  Ivana
Datum narození:  11.7.1989
Místo narození:  Plzeň
Bydliště:  Praha
Stav:  svobodný
Znamení:  Rak
Výška:  179cm
Váha: 69 kg

Oblíbené :
Oblíbená dráha:  1.Toruň  2.Peterborough 3.Redcar
Hobby:  posilovna, squash, snowboard
Rádio: Evropa 2, Capital FM
Barva:  Červenočerná
První trénink:  14 let
Jezdecký vzor:  Tony Rickarsson,  Antonín Kasper


Helma:  Arai
Brýle:  Oakley, RNR
Rukavice:  Fox
Kombinéza:  WK Products
Deky:  WK Products
Boty: TCX


Motor:  GM – Brian Karger, Vladimír Dvořák 




Matěj Kůs comes from Pilsen. There also the first time in 2003 tried to ride speedway. In 2004 has moved to Prague.

It was the workouts on bikes in the 125cc small training track at Marketa stadium in Prague.

After mastering the basics of the alphabet speedway went there during the 2003 season on a motorcycle with a capacity of 500cc .

After reaching the age limit allowed to compete fifteen years age in 2004 , started racing in particular in the Junior Championships , where it was shown that it is one of the biggest talents in the last few years. Therefore, it was also ranked among athletes supported young center supplied by Ministry of Sport.

In the 2005 season came to a spinal injury that you have written out of the season. Matej , however, convinced that it is a great fighter and at the end of the season came back in the saddle of a motorcycle ..

The 2006 season because of injury should be testing, but thanks to strong will and desire to compete Matej reached some significant results , such as third place in the race for the Golden Band City of Pardubice (junior race meeting before the golden helmet) .

In the 2007 season Matej becomes to be a useful member of the junior national team and a member of the czech ExtraLeague team. In the junior races occupying third place in the Czech Championship U21 and second place in the Championship U19. As a representative of the Czech Republic goes to the final in World Cup U21 where Matej reached 9 points and bronze World Championship medal.

The first and biggest step to the gates professional racing career did in 2008. Matej has proved a great talent in Speedway, gaining three titles Junior Champion of the Czech Republic , the hatrick in all junior disciplines, is the fourth man of Europe aswell, and sixth in the Junior World Championship . He also won the European Championship semi-final U19 in Krsko. This season was really fantastic pull off, but hampered by injuries in Slovenia Lendava , which knocked him out of the fight for the title of European Champion U19. Matej has undergone several serious head injuries and torn kidney Despite this major injuries came back in 2months time at the end of the season to fight for the World Championship title U21, Matej finished sixth.

In 2009, Matej gets his first engagement Polish Extra League, where he meets the absolute world Top riders . This year was Matej thrown as a minor carp between the absolute biggest fish. Start accompanied by a lot of downs , but in the middle of the season was a mainstay of the extra league team. This year started in the British Elite League for Poole Pirates .

The 2010 season had the opportunity to perform in U21 meetings. This year Matej gets first engagement in the Polish League for Gdansk, Swedish Elite League for Valsarna Hagfors and German League for team Güstrow . This year also gained first Champion title of the Czech Republic elderly. Along with brothers, Ales and Lukas Dryml gets second title of European pairs Champion in a row , and was one of the most scoring riders in Czech ExtraLeague . His performance strengthens his position in the Czech national team. In September, at the domestic stage , before an audience of Prague home won legendary Memorial Luboše Tomíčka where defeating twice in a row three-time world champion Nicki Pedersen .

Season 2011was first full time season in UK, Matej signed for Redcar Bears catched by Gary Havelock. Matej spend 3 succesfull seasons in Middlesbrough – 2011,2012 and 2013. In 2009,2010,2011 Matej was also Grand Prix wild card in Prague. Matej rode in every European country, including South America and Australia.

Season 2014 had been one of the best in Matej’s British Speedway career. He was improving his point average whole season. Makes his mark in history being first rider over decade scored 21 points for Berwick Bandits against Redcar Bears. He managed finish season as number 1 in the team with highest point average close to 2 points/heat. He was best scoring rider for Prague in Czech Extraleague final and reach his second Czech league title beating AMK Pardubice. After drama in individual  final of Czech Championship, when Matej’s lead race was stoped twice due to crash and could not manage to win in Run Off finished 3rd in home championship and qualify  for European and World Championships qualification rounds for 2015.

Season 2015 just finished and was it the best and most consistent season in Britain so far. Awarded as Rider of The Year, came back to Redcar Bears after year on load at Berwick Bandits. Finishing 2nd in Czech national championship with 1 point behind the title, 3rd in Pairs Championship and Extra league table. Last 2 season has been big step ahead for future.



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